Federal Employee Benefits Advocates

Federal Employee Benefits Advocates (FEBA) is an educational company based in Parker, Colorado. It was established based on the principle of advocacy, and its mission is to provide support to Federal employees.

FEBA provides educational-based Federal employee benefits seminars and educates financial advisors so they can assist with decisions about how to best use Federal employee benefits to plan for retirement, savings and risk management.

Our Services

Financial Advisors

Are you a Financial Advisor who is working with, or would like to work with, Federal Employees?  Our time tested program allows you to differentiate your business and increase your value to this affluent, stable client base.  Our program gives you the tools to educate your clients about their numerous options and make the smartest decisions about their family and retirement.

Federal Agencies

Are you an Human Resources professional working with Federal Employees who is looking to educate your employees about all the benefits choices they have?  We can help break down the complicated web of options and enhance your employee’s understanding.

From a Company
You Can Trust

Founder K Shawn McCoy brings his decades of experience in the financial services industry to Federal Employee Benefits Advocates.  His passion is to ensure that our Federal Employees are provided with the knowledge and resources that will enable them optimize the value of their employment in the near term and ensure their long term comfort in retirement.

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Welcome to Our Website

June 20, 2017 in Blog

Welcome to the new FEBAdvocates website.  We look forward to providing you with numerous resources that will help improve the capacities of financial planners.  We invite you to visit our site again shortly and check out our progress.

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